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How Gender Segragation in Iran Threatens to Reshape Public Life in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Azadeh Moaveni has an excellent article in Iran Wire chronicling the stories of several young Iranian women as they strive to find a balance between gender identity and equality in the Islamic Republic of Iran.  In one case,  a young musician / cellists,  says that “she and many of her musician colleagues hoped that President Hassan Rouhani would address some of these encroaching restrictions ( restrictions on employment,  attendance in sport arenas, etc) during his tenure,”  but hardliners have managed to slow him down.   The struggle between moderates and hardliners impacts women the most, and Rouhani will not be able to count on their votes if he fails on the pledges he made to them when he was elected in 2013.

Iran’s Wrestling Official fails to get elected to FILA Board

For the 2nd time in the row,  Amir Reza Khadem, two time Olympic wrestler from Iran, has failed to get enough votes to be elected to the International Federations of Wrestlings.  He faced the challenge of defending his country’s position on women wrestling ( Iran does not allow it ),  women attending sporting events ( Iran does not allow it), and agreeing to live with another member of FILA, Israel. 

I guess despite some relaxations by President Rouhani,  Iran’s full acceptance into international sporting organizations will require serious attention by President Rouhani.