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Climate Change, Drought, Water Crisis and environmental problems in Iran: Opportunities for rapprochement between Iran and the West

Environmental cooperation with Iran provides a unique opportunity for the United States and the Europeans to build important bridges with Iran.  Chandran Nair, the founder and C.E.O. of The Global Institute for Tomorrow, and the author of “Consumptionomics,” has a good proposal in his latest article: “Western nations should reach out to Tehran and propose the creation of an international body to advise Iran on the water crisis and environmental issues in general. This may seem idealistic, but there are many good precedents for outreach of this kind, including the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development, a body founded in 1992 that advises China on environmental issues and whose membership includes representatives from several Western countries.”

Lake Urmia in Iran: How mismanagements and bad policies destroyed a lake in Iran

Watch this video about one of Iran’s most beautiful lakes being destroyed by mismanagement of Iran water resources. Building too many dams and diverting water in the past decade has dried many of Iran’s lakes, creating a major environmental problem in Iran today. “Has Lake Urmia truly reached its final chapter? Or could a miracle save this turquoise gem? There is no way to go back in time; the lake will never be as it once was. Even the most optimistic of experts can’t see a happy ending to the story.”


Iranian officials Make Good on Warnings, Cut Water to Tehran Users

After months of warnings to Tehran residents that they need to conserve water and not engage in wasteful usage,  Iranian officials concerned with impending water shortages cut water supplies to 3,000 residents of Tehran.  With a population of over 12 million, Tehran is on the brink of unprecedented water shortages.  Most of the  water reservoirs around Tehran have reached an all time low level.

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