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Progress on Nuclear Negotiations with Iran, Rouhani’s UN Diplomacy

In an exclusive interview with Voice of America (VOA), the lead US negotiator Wendy Sherman expressed hope that a nuclear deal with Iran is within reach.  This is after President Hassan Rouhani’s speech at the UN expressing optimism about the nuclear deal.  There is no question that this nuclear deal will significantly change the political environment between Iran and the United States.  It will also have a major impact on sanctions,  as Wendy Sherman stated, “I have to tell you as soon as we suspend our major sanctions – which will happen very early in the agreement – the world will flood into Iran,” she said. “Many international delegations have already been to Iran and so they will begin to see what they can do. It will be important to show that the agreement is durable, that it will last over a period of many years because we have a long history here that we are trying to solve.”   Still,  we cannot ignore the domestic pressures on both Rouhani and Obama.  They have their own enemies in their political systems, and need to walk the trigger points very carefully.