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Tehran’s vendors battle the streets to survive

In the capital city of Tehran,  the number of individual vendors  striving to make a living is an ever present  phenomena.  One such vendor is Rajab,  who  “is the sole breadwinner in a large family. At home, he struggles to pay for food and utilities and attempts to foot the medical bill of his wife, who suffers from uterine tumors. His youngest son attends fifth grade while his eldest daughter attends university, where she pays about $330 per term for tuition. Each day, he departs from the Shahriyar neighborhood on the outskirts of Tehran at around 6am to get to his selling spot by 9. On hot summer days he sits on the sidewalk until around 8pm before riding the bus back to Shahriyar.”   The law enforcement authorities and other governmental agents constantly pick on vendors like Rajab. A 13-second film of an unconscious vendor lying on the ground was captured by witnesses and has since made its way to YouTube.  The stories recounted in this article is worth reading.