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Iran, U.S. meet as search for nuclear deal intensifies-Cautious Optimism

Iran and United States have intensified their nuclear negotiations with difference teams meeting to agree on a draft agreement. It is possible that they want a draft agreement by September 22nd, the date Iran’s foreign minister, and possibly President Rouhani, will come to New York to attend United Nations General Assembly.  It was reported that Iran has agreed to a maximum of 7,000 centrifuges.  This could break the ice, and with high ranking officials meeting in Geneva,  there is cautious optimism. 

Power Struggle in Iran: Khamenei’s redlines and hardliners’ ambition to control Rouhani

Christian Emery’s perceptive piece addresses the challenges faced by Rouhani’s government.  Drawing on the experiences of Khatami’s presidency ( 1997-2005),  will “Rouhani’s attempts to ease cultural and political restrictions in Iran could trigger a struggle for the future of the Islamic Republic ?”

Rouhani’s campaign of hope and change collides with Iran’s reality

 President Rouhani’s campaign of hope and moderation is facing serious challenges at home.  Since his election in June 2013,  Rouhani has attempted to moderate the Islamic Republic’s domestic and foreign policies.  But as Scott Peterson reports from Tehran,  six months into his presidency,  Rouhani is struggling to placate supporters who are disappointed with the slow pace of reforms.

Three US-based tour operators say they’ve seen a surge of bookings & questions about Iran

According to an article in the LA Times, Rouhani’s opening with the United States has encouraged tour agencies in the United States to explore possible tours inside Iran. It seems that a boomlet has begun. The article quotes Janet Moore, owner of the Long Beach-based tour operator Distant Horizons,  saying she  “arranged Iranian trips for 50-60 U.S. travelers in 2013. In 2014, she expects that number to be at least 250 people, including three trips in connection with the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia and one with the San Francisco-based Commonwealth Club of California.”