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Iran Nuclear Talks will be extended

Reports from Vienna indicate that P5+1, the United States, and Iran have agreed to an extension plan for their nuclear talks.  Although Iranians preferred to have a deal by July 20th,  it seems that the United States was not able to commit to sanctions relief, and it did not make sense for Iranians to sign a deal without sanctions being lifted.   According to one report,  “Secretary of State John Kerry said July 15 that there has been “tangible progress” made in marathon Iran nuclear talks underway here, but gaps remain, and he would be returning to Washington to consult with President Barack Obama and Congress about the way forward, including the possibility of extending the talks.”   According to another report,  “that the sides cannot quite close all the gaps is as much a function of politics as are technical concerns over aspects of the Iranian nuclear program. So much is riding on these negotiations that for either side to give in too quickly would likely be viewed negatively by key constituencies around the world and back home.”