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Iranians React To Republican Victory in U.S. Elections

The latest mid-term elections in the United States has led to a Republican majorities in both the Senate and the House.   Although this change of power in U.S. Senate could lead to Republicans demanding a a more hawkish foreign policy,  particularly with respect to Iran,   the current  nuclear  negotiations between Iran and the United States and the Europeans has gone too far to be reversed now.   Of course, with a Nov. 24th deadline looming on the nuclear talks between Iran and P5+1, the negotiators enter the last month of negotiations with an urgency to complete a deal before this deadline.  Both President Obama and President Rouhani have bet a huge amount on the success of a nuclear deal with Iran, and long-term engagement that will lead to normalization of relations between Iran and the United States. They have invested a lot to risk a failure, and the stakes could not have been higher for the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.  The urgency of reaching a nuclear deal with Iran,   and the conflict with ISIS were the focus of another secret letter from President Obama to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, his fourth letter to Khamenei since 2008.

Iran’s Wrestling Official fails to get elected to FILA Board

For the 2nd time in the row,  Amir Reza Khadem, two time Olympic wrestler from Iran, has failed to get enough votes to be elected to the International Federations of Wrestlings.  He faced the challenge of defending his country’s position on women wrestling ( Iran does not allow it ),  women attending sporting events ( Iran does not allow it), and agreeing to live with another member of FILA, Israel. 

I guess despite some relaxations by President Rouhani,  Iran’s full acceptance into international sporting organizations will require serious attention by President Rouhani.