In 2005, urged by Bush, Europe rejected iran offer of 500 centrifuges. Today they’re negotiating Iran having 3600.

 In this article, Gary Sick argues that a bad deal with Iran is better than not having a deal at all.  So many opportunities missed, and others blocked by unwise policies and agendas.”From 2003 to 2005, when the reformist Mohammad Khatami was president, Rohani had headed Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, while Zarif had served as ambassador to the United Nations. During that time, the pair made a similar offer to negotiate limits on Iran’s nuclear activities in exchange for normalization of relations, but were rebuffed by European negotiators—actively encouraged by the Bush administration—on the grounds that they could not tolerate Iran keeping a single centrifuge enriching uranium. Tehran’s offer, at that time, proposed maintaining 500 centrifuges for R&D purposes with an option to increase the number to 3,000 over time. At the time, Iran had only a few operating centrifuges, which they refused to dismantle.”

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