AIPAC, Israel, and Iran Nuclear Deal

As supporters of new sanctions against Iran find it difficult to gather enough votes to sustain a Presidential veto,  Israel’s public relations arm,  the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, known as AIPAC,  is finding it difficult to push anti-Iran legislations in U.S. Congress. “Yesterday, Jonathan Broder reported in Congressional Quarterly that “momentum for a new Iran sanctions bill appears to have stalled.” The bill in question is the Kirk-Mendendez-Schumer legislation, which imposes new sanctions on Iran and stipulates that the United States go to war on Israel’s side in the event Tel Aviv decides, for reasons of “self-defense,” that it needs to attack Iran. (As of this writing, the legislation has 51 co-sponsors and will surely acquire more, but Obama would obviously veto it, as would any President who wished to maintain some control over America’s foreign policy.)”


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