Obama wins the sanctions battle with Congress, for now.

It seems that the Obama administration has been able to get a moratorium on new sanctions on Iran.  Two hawkish pro-sanction senators,  Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ), and Sen. Mark Kirk ( R-Ill.) insist on enacting sanction legislations despite the fact that this action will violate the spirit of the Geneva Agreement with Iran. In an article,  Colin Kahl poses an interesting hypothetical scenario for these senators: “Suppose the Majles, Iran’s legislature, passed legislation tomorrow, over Rouhani’s objections, declaring that Iran would resume and escalate its nuclear activities in six months’ time if Washington failed to live up to its Geneva commitments and agree to a final deal that fully respects Iran’s nuclear rights….Suppose further that when asked by an Iranian reporter whether this legislation risked undercutting diplomacy, speaker of the Majles Ali Larijani pooh-poohed the notion, assuring the media that this in no way violates the terms agreed to in Geneva. After all, Larjani would say, “Iran is doing nothing now. We are simply creating a sword of Damocles as leverage to ensure the Americans live up to their end of the bargain and accept a final agreement that respects Iran’s red lines.”  I guess the answers to these questions are obvious.  No member of U.S. Congress will tolerate such actions.   




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