New IAEA Report on Iran: Iran’s entire nuclear program was paused during the past 3 months ( August-November 2013)

According to an article by Kelsey Davenport, Daryl G. Kimball, and Greg Thielmann that analyze the latest IAEA report on Iran,   Rouhani’s government  “has made a political decision to pause the expansion of its enrichment capabilities.”   This is a stunning report by IAEA,  it confirms the reports that Rouhani’s government intends to negotiate a deal with P5+1 group, and the new IAEA report reflects the emerging new political environment inside Iran.  As stated in the conclusion of their article,  “recent progress on increasing monitoring and transparency through IAEA agreements and Iran’s proposal during talks with the P5+1 suggests that Tehran is willing to seriously consider a pause in its nuclear program development while negotiating an ultimate agreement on program limits in exchange for sanctions relief.”



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