First round of Nuclear Negotiations end, what is next ?

Two day talks between Iran and P5+1 group  ended in Geneva.  Iranians put forward a proposal to allow intrusive IAEA inspection in accordance to the Additional Protocols that Iran had agreed in 2004-2005,  but never ratified.  For the first time,  Iran has publicly agreed to certain limitations on its nuclear program,  although specific details were not disclosed.  Western officials described the discussions as “substantive” and “forward-looking.”  Another first-time event was a joint press release by Zarif and Ashton.   Both officials emphasized positive steps,  expressed their satisfaction with the talks. Representatives from the two sides are to meet again in Geneva for talks on Nov. 7 and 8.

Compared to previous negotiations between Saeed Jalili and Ashton,   this time the atmosphere was clearly very different.   After May 2013 round of negotiations,  participants described their discussions as “fruitful,” and “useful.” In contrast,  nuclear negotiations between Zarif and Ashton were described as “substantive.”   According to one expert, “a key challenge will be to reach agreement on an interim measure that balances the P5-plus-1 desire to halt advances in Iran’s nuclear program with Iran’s desire for early sanctions relief.”  

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