Nuclear Talks in Geneva

Iran and the P5+1 group ( US,  UK, France, Russia, China +Germany)  hold their first nuclear talks with the government of Hassan Rouhani.   Expectations have been very high due to several months of positive signals exchanged between the two countries ending with a high-level telephone conversation between Obama and Rouhani after 34 years.   Iran’s Foreign Minister opened the talk with a PowerPoint presentation entitled “Closing an Unnecessary Crisis – Opening New Horizons.”  Despite a heavy press and media contingent on the scene,  not much is being reported about the details of their discussions.  But one thing is certain: The atmosphere has changed significantly from previous round of negotiations when the Iranian delegates were giving sermons and lectures,  instead of addressing the issues of concerns.  The stakes for both governments cannot be underestimated,  but one thing that is favoring the negotiations is the shutdown of U.S. government that has taken the attention of senators and congressmen away from these negotiations,  no one is issuing critical statements, or threats to put more sanctions on Iran.

Bahman Baktiari

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